Stephanie Torres is San Antonio, Texas based artist and arts professional. Torres earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Our Lady of the Lake University, where she specialized in painting and mixed media. She later studied Art History and Criticism at the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Torres has been involved in the local art community for over 12 years as an artist, educator, and curator. From 2015 - 2017, she ran Provenance Gallery in the South Flores Art District, where she curated monthly art exhibitions featuring the work of local and regional emerging artists.

On this blog, I document my art, creative process, and inspirations. 


With this series of self-portraits, I reflect upon the physical and emotional scars left behind in the aftermath of my cancer diagnosis. There is beauty, strength, and life in these scars. They represent not just what was taken, but also what was left behind.

I live my life in the moments between cancer recovery and possible recurrence. This work expresses those feelings of intense trepidation about the future, at odds with an eagerness to live life fully in the present.


Take One. Just Begin. is an interactive art project that was inspired by my own creative struggles, as I often find myself waiting for the "perfect" moment before starting something new. In one of those moments, I came across a quote by the Abstract Expressionist painter, Mary Abbott, in which she discussed what it was like to be a student at the Subjects of the Artists School in late 1940s New York: "First you had to learn to take a chance, a line, a brushstroke, or some dabs - and then keep pushing it so you'd know it was real." I found this idea to be really encouraging and started doing just that.

By letting go of the fear of the blank page and pushing through the paralysis of perfectionism, I created a series of abstract mixed media paintings on paper and cut them down to create the covers for the hand-made books I intended to give away. This process became a creative habit, a ritual of sorts, and each one represents my own willingness to take a risk.  

With this project, I encourage the viewer to pause, take one of the handmade journals, and immediately use it to make a mark, draw a line, write one word, a song lyric, a memory, a plan. Whatever it is they have been waiting for the perfect moment to start, I dare them to take one ofthese books and just begin.

Take One. Just Begin. was first exhibited at Lone Star Studios in 2014. Another iteration of this project took place in November 2015 as part of the Women Who Dare exhibition at the Carver Cultural Center. 

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